Cummings Electronic and Digital Sound Studio Facilities

The Cummings Electronic and Digital Sound Studio boasts 6 modern Mac workstations that are connected to the College network. All machines run Pro Tools and Max/MSP through the latest version of Digidesign. All workstations are connected to at least one synthesizer, a MIDI keyboard, a 16 channel digital mixing board, and a pair of high-quality studio monitors (loudspeakers). CD duplicating and printing equipment is available.

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Elizabeth Gilbert Fortune Recording Studio

The recording studio is home to a Pro Tools HD 32 channel recording setup. It is connected to Fortune Hall, Evans Hall and the CEDS Lab with multi-channel recording capability. The studio is equipped with an isolation booth for recording vocals and instrumental soloists. The studio also has several high quality microphones, digital reverb units and extensive software plugins.

The Connecticut College recording studio offers recording and mixing services to the College community and to the public. From time to time, jobs as recording assistants are available for qualified and interested students. Contact Adjunct Assistant Professor James McNeish, Director of the Fortune Recording Studio, for more information.

Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology (CAT Lab)

The first of its kind in a small liberal arts setting, the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology (CAT) is a research center focusing on the uses of sophisticated technology in the fine and performing arts. The Center's state-of-the-art computer lab is located in the F. W. Olin Science Center.

Advanced Technology Lab (ATL)

mac lab

The ATL provides graphics, video and audio production equipment for students to use for course-related and personal academic projects. Other members of the campus community with a college network login can use the ATL when it is not in use by students. Each of the media creation stations is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Each Mac also has a VHS/MiniDV deck for digitizing tapes. They are set up to print to the Canon MFD printer system on campus. These workstations can be reserved for up to 4 hours per day.

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Film Studies Lab

Located in F. W. Olin Science Center, the film editing lab is accessible to students 24 hours a day. It includes five DV non-linear editing workstations based on Macintosh computers and Final Cut Pro software. A key feature of the lab is that students do not share limited hard drive space. Narrative and documentary production courses are taught entirely with portable digital video equipment. Students have as much access to this sophisticated technology as students at any program in the country.

Sculpture Studio

Students involved in sculpture and three-dimensional studies have access to a full-featured sculpture studio, ceramics studio, welding studio and outdoor foundry. The main sculpture studio is equipped with wood fabrication tools and equipment such as a table saw, a chop saw, band saws, and many hand tools.

Print Studio

The printmaking studio is equipped to allow a wide variety of both traditional and innovative techniques. Charles Brand lithography and etching presses as well as a French Tool etching press giving students access to professional grade printing tools. New solar plate etching facilities include a NuArc vacuum table in an enclosed darkroom space, a dedicated iMac with 2nd monitor and HP90 designjet large format printer.

Students also take advantage of a traditional wet darkroom equipped for archival photographic processing with 7 Omega 4x5 enlargers. Advanced students can work in a private darkroom with a Durst L1200 4x5 enlarger.

Ceramic Studio

In the ceramics studio, a student can fire work in the 16 cubic foot front-loading Bailey electric kiln or one of the 3 Skutt electric kilns. The studio is equipped with 10 potters wheels, slab roller, extruder, clay mixer, slip mixer and glaze spray booth with high capacity compressor. A separate glaze and clay mixing room round out the facilities.

Welding Studio

The welding studio is set up for versatile metal fabrication processes with equipment such as MIG and TIG welders, a plasma cutter and a metal bending roller.

Drawing/Painting Studios

Providing an excellent blend of artificial and natural light through windows overlooking a tranquil courtyard, our spacious drawing and painting studios feature easels, lockers and storage bins for all students.

Photography/Design Studios

The new computer laboratory is equipped with 20 iMac computer work stations. High quality scanners and professional printers give flexibility and high quality to the output of the lab. An adjacent shop facilitates traditional letterpress printing.

Students also take advantage of a traditional wet darkroom equipped for archival photographic processing with 7 Omega 4x5 enlargers. Advanced students can work in a private darkroom with a Durst L1200 4x5 enlarger.


The foundry is equipped with a furnace capable of melting bronze and aluminum for casting and lost wax ceramic shell processes. In addition to these traditional processes the sculpture area is now equipped with a 3D printer.

Meyers Studio West

The dance department's West Studio is adjacent to Myers Studio. It has a rolling AV cart with playback for DVD and CD and iPod and computer. The cart is affixed to the wall but may be moved as needed. The dance space is kept clear for rehearsals and a Friday evening yoga class.

Dance Technology Lab

The Dance Technology Lab (or Dance Media Lab) in the College Center at Crozier-Williams (Cro 300D) is located within Myers Studio. It features two Mac workstations for editing video and holds the department’s in-house video archive on hard drives, DV tape, and DVD and VHS.

Movement Lab

The Movement Lab in College Center at Crozier-Williams (Cro 205) has a system for audio playback, a large TV/DVD cart and some Mac workstations. It is used for storage and classes as needed. As it features dance flooring, the tables and chairs can be cleared for rehearsal as needed.