The President’s Council on Equity and Inclusion at Connecticut College is a representative group of the College community—including students, staff, faculty, alumni and trustees—charged with reviewing policies, programs and practices pertaining to diversity, equity and inclusion at the College and making recommendations to the senior administration about advancing the work of full participation. Established in January 2018, the Council reads articles and reports, listens to accounts from relevant campus committees and considers testimony from academic departments and programs in order to evaluate and develop the values of equity and inclusion at the College. The offices of Institutional Research, Admission, Advancement, Dean of College, Dean of Students, Dean of Faculty, and Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusion provide data and other information to inform the committee’s deliberations. Read the Equity Inclusion Action Plan the committee developed. (pdf)

Topics of Discussion

  • Freedom of speech and expression
  • Institutional values related to equity and inclusion
  • Eliminating structural barriers to full participation
  • Equity and inclusivity in teaching and learning
  • Policies and protocols on discrimination and harassment
  • A new initiative on intergroup dialogue
  • Assessing physical and virtual spaces for exchange across social differences
  • New approaches to campus programs and events