Meal plan options

A full meal plan is included in Connecticut College's comprehensive fee. If you reside on campus in an Independent Living Space  (with a kitchen) or are granted permission to live off campus, you may qualify for a reduced meal plan.

How to use the dining halls

The full meal plan provides unlimited access to food & beverages consumed within any of the College's dining halls during the Fall Semester & Spring Semester. (Grab & Go is available at Humphrey's Monday – Friday 11am – 2pm when classes are in session.)In addition, you'll receive $45 on your Camel Card each semester for use at the Oasis Snack Shop in Cro and in the dining halls (students on reduced plans receive a reduced amount). If you'd like to put additional money on your Camel Card, please go to the Camel Card website for further information.

Bring your Camel Card to the dining hall of your choice to swipe in at every meal. If you need to leave the dining hall for any reason, you can swipe back in during that same meal period if you are on the full meal plan.

Guest meals

As a full-plan students, you will get four free guest meals per semester. Additional guest meals may be charged to your student account. (To charge additional guest meals, you will need to fill out a charge slip when you swipe in.)