Ronan Y. Chalmin

Senior Lecturer of French

Joined Connecticut College: 2010

M.A., French Literature, Université Lille 3
Ph.D., French Literature, Yale University


Eighteenth-century literature, philosophy and science

The French and Atlantic revolutions

The revolutionary eloquence

Ronan Chalmin's research interests include literature and culture of the Long French Enlightenment (ca. 1670-1815); the French and Haitian Revolutions; Libertin and Libertinage in 17th and 18th-century culture; and Terror and Terrorism in modern France.

Ronan Chalmin's first book, Lumières et corruption (Paris: Honoré Champion, 2010, 388 p.) examines the crucial but hidden role of corruption, broadly understood as moral, physical, political, and philosophical degradation, in the Enlightenment's efforts to perfect man and his society. He recently edited S.A. Tissot's De la santé des gens de lettres (Paris: Classiques Garnier, 2018, 212 p.), in collaboration with professor Anne C. Vila. At present, he is working on a book-length manuscript on Gracchus Babeuf’s revolutionary eloquence entitled Babeuf écrivain: langage et pouvoir sous la Révolution.

Chalmin's other publications include:

  • 'How Should an Invisible Event Be Taught? The Haitian Revolution as Pedagogical Case Study,' in J. Douthwaite, C. Seth, and A. Sol (ed.), Teaching the Representation of the French Revolution, MLA, Options for Teaching Series [forthcoming]
  • 'Britannicus, tragédie du plaire,' in The Romanic Review, n°106 (1-4), January-November 2015, p. 103-124.
  • 'Ethique et rhétorique de la Révolution chez Gracchus Babeuf et Toussaint Louverture,' in Modern Language Notes (French Issue), volume 130, n°4, September 2015, p. 836-862.
  • 'Malade de son génie: raconter les pathologies des gens de lettres, de Tissot à Balzac,' (co-authored with Anne C. Vila), in Dix-Huitième Siècle, n°47, 2015, p. 253-270.
  • 'La République populicide. Relire Du système de dépopulation de Gracchus Babeuf,' in Dix-Huitième Siècle, n°43, 2011, p. 449-468.
  • 'Arcana imperii — Coup et secret d’Etat dans Le Tartuffe de Molière,' in Littérature, n°155, 2009, p. 36-53.

At Connecticut College, Ronan Chalmin teaches elementary, intermediate, and advanced French language and culture courses. He also offers these upper-level courses: French 326. Civilization through Conversation; French 327. Introduction to Literary Analysis; French 331. The Making of Modern France: Ideology, Politics, and Culture (1654-1804); French 426. The Art of Rebellion: the Libertine and the Dandy (17th-19th Centuries); French 435. La Liberté ou la Mort. Reading Revolutionary France (1789-1815); French 437. Eros Enlightened. Love and Desire in the Age of Enlightenment; French 455. Terror, Terrorist, Terrorism. From the French Revolution to ISIS.


Before joining Connecticut College, Ronan Chalmin taught French language and literature at Yale University and Tulane University. He also worked as an editing assistant for the Editions Gallimard in Paris.

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Majoring in French.

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