Science Leader Yumi Kovic, Connecticut College ??High School: Norwich Free Academy, Norwich, Conn.

Major: ACS Biochemistry

Medical volunteer for the Comprehensive Rural Health Project, Jamkhed, India

Academic Year Science Related Activities: Research assistant for Dr. Stanton Ching and Dr. Bruce Branchini; Independent study with Dr. Wei Ying Wong; Tutor for chemistry and biology


Woodroofe, C.C., Meisenheimer, P.L., Klaubert, D.H., Kovic, Y., Rosenberg, J.C., Behney, C.E., Southworth, T.L., Branchini, B.R. (2012) Novel Heterocyclic Analogues of Firefly Luciferin. Biochemistry 51, 9807-9813.

Kovic, Y., Rosenberg, J.C., Behney, C.E., et al. (2013) Luciferin analogs for improved genetic reporter assays. The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, April 20, 2013.

Wong, W., Kovic, Y. (2011) How social market research can help you reach your target audience. National Marine Educators Association Conference. Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts.

Eichelberger, L., Kovic, Y., Ching, S. (2011) Nanostructured Manganese Oxides. American Chemical Society - Connecticut Valley Section (ACS-CVS) Conference. Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut.


Barry M. Goldwater Scholar (March 2013)
Petit Family Foundation Grant for research in Bruce R. Branchini's Biochemistry research lab (July 2012)
ACS Polyed Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry (May 2012)
The Science Leaders Scholarship funded by the National Science Foundation (Fall 2010 - present)
Dean's High Honors (all semesters)

Other Accomplishments
Co-Chair of Chemistry Student Advisory Board
Treasurer of Pre-Health Club
Volunteer driver for Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Emergency Medical Team
Research Associate for Smoking Cessation Program at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital

Future Plans
After Connecticut College I will be attending medical school to pursue my interests in clinical research and global health.