How many students are typically offered admission from the Wait List?

Historically, the Admission Committee has extended as few as zero to as many as 60 offers of admission from the Wait List. Our ability to make offers depends in part on the number of admitted students who enroll, which varies greatly from year to year.

Is the Wait List ranked?

No. As stated in the decision letter, Connecticut College does not rank active Wait List candidates.

What are my chances?

At this time, Connecticut College cannot estimate how many students—if any—will be admitted from the Wait List. Wait List activity, in normal years, typically occurs after the Candidate Reply Deadline, which is May 1.

What more can I do?

The key to the Wait List is to have the proper perspective and to know that if Connecticut College activates its Wait List, the Office of Admission will give you every possible consideration. The Admission Committee reevaluates a student’s entire application before offering admission from the Wait List. It is not necessary to send additional letters of recommendation, supplemental arts materials, etc. The Admission Committee is quite familiar with your candidacy. We are most interested in your updated academic record and hearing directly from you, the candidate. A single, concise email communication to your admission counselor is most appropriate.

Is an interview (or re-interview) available?

No. The interview process for first-year applicants concluded in December.

What should I do while I wait?

Focus on your current options and make an informed, rational decision regarding those opportunities. Secure a place and enroll with a single deposit (usually non-refundable) at a different college or university. Should you be offered and subsequently accept a place at Connecticut College, you must notify the original institution at which you enrolled of your withdrawal. Make sure your financial aid paperwork for Connecticut College is in order (if applicable). For further information about need-based financial aid, email Financial Aid Services at

What types of housing and financial aid are available for those students who are accepted from the Wait List?

Students admitted from the Wait List enter the same housing and orientation processes as other enrolling first-year students. The availability of financial aid varies from year-to-year. Connecticut College will meet 100% of demonstrated need for those Wait List candidates who are ultimately offered admission. Students admitted from the Wait List are also considered for merit awards in the same fashion as students admitted during regular decision. Students offered a place in the class from the Wait List are concurrently notified of any financial aid eligibility.  

Can I apply again as a transfer student if I am not admitted from the Wait List?

If you still feel that Connecticut College would be a good match for your future, we recommend that you pursue a full-time liberal arts curriculum elsewhere, and apply for transfer admission to Connecticut College midway through your second semester. The evaluation of transfer applications is similar to that of first-year admission, but more emphasis is placed on the applicant’s performance in college-based coursework. For further details, please visit: