Katherine Bergeron
President Katherine Bergeron

From the first year of her presidency, Katherine Bergeron has supported the development of the curriculum at Connecticut College through a bold new venture in integrative education. The resulting vision, called Connections, requires all students to make deeper linkages between the work they do in courses, in jobs, and in their lives both on campus and in the world, in order to prepare them for leadership in an era of change: liberal arts for the connected world.

Before coming to Connecticut College, Bergeron was dean of the college at Brown University. She has held academic appointments at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Tufts University, University of California at Berkeley, and Brown. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Wesleyan University, Bergeron earned master’s and doctoral degrees in music history from Cornell University, and is the author and editor of numerous scholarly articles and books, including two prize-winning monographs on French music and culture.

Bergeron enjoys singing and has performed on campus with students and with her husband Joseph Butch Rovan, a composer and multimedia artist who is professor of music and director of the arts at Brown.

She serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of "Liberal Education," the flagship journal of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, as well as on the board of the Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra and on the executive committee of The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC).

Fanning with apple blossoms. Spring has finally arrived!

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