New London: our hometown

In New London, waterways become your laboratories, museums become your classrooms and a walk downtown becomes a lesson in history.

This vibrant city, nestled between the shores of Long Island Sound and the banks of the Thames River, boasts an active arts community and plenty of quirky restaurants, cozy coffeehouses and eclectic shops. Grab a seat and discuss ideas over a cup of coffee at Muddy Waters, a lobster roll at Captain Scott’s or a Namaste smoothie at Right Path Organic Cafe.

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Get involved

At Conn, you’ll connect your studies to local community-building organizations working on issues like economic development, sustainability, and political and social equity. We partner with more than 50 businesses and organizations in the greater New London area that offer internships, serve as case-study locations for coursework, and provide opportunities for real-world learning.

You’ll get close to the everyday challenges, aspirations and nuances of these local communities and learn what it takes to create lasting social change.

500+ students work in the community each year
200 average number of work-study positions allocated to community work
11 departments offer a community-learning component
50+ local agencies and projects