Look for helpful information on network connectivity and instructions on network settings for your operating system under Network Services on this web site. General networking information for students is provided below.

Residence Halls

Connecticut College residence halls are equipped with Wi-Fi access points that enable connectivity throughout the residence halls and provide students with access to the Internet as well as access to the college's academic resources.

Each room in the residence halls also has ethernet ports for hard-wired connections. You will need to purchase your own network patch cable to use this connection.

Wireless Interference Issues

Many wireless devices can cause interference in the resident halls such as wifi printers, bluetooth devices, wireless game controllers, cordless phones, etc. Please leave these devices at home or plug them in so you don't upset your neighbors. 

Remember: Turn off wi-fi on devices not actively being used, or put devices to sleep that use wi-fi, if you aren’t using them.

Academic Buildings

List of academic buildings with Wireless Access Points