Each semester, the Dean of the College and Class Deans, along with the support of the Registrar, review students’ grades. Dean's Honors and Dean's High Honors are calculated by the Registrar's Office based on a system of GPA thresholds that varies slightly from year to year.

The Dean's List is produced by the Registrar's Office after grades for that semester have been reported, and is shared with the Dean of the College’s office and the Office of Communications. If a change of grade later results in the calculation of Dean's Honors or Dean's High Honors, the designation is added to the student's academic record and appears on the official transcript. 

The Registrar’s Office produces an updated Dean’s List in order to include any changes of grades reported for the previous semester (April 1 for the fall semester and November 15 for the spring semester). This updated Dean’s List is shared with the Dean of the College’s office.

The current academic honors thresholds can be found here.

To be eligible for either of these honors, a student must have completed a minimum of 12 credits in graded courses in that semester. A grade of Unsatisfactory, Not Passed, Incomplete, In Progress, or No Grade automatically excludes a student from Dean's Honors and Dean's High Honors at the time that the Dean's List is calculated.

Students enrolled in an Honors Study (497/498) and making satisfactory progress will be assigned a temporary grade of In Progress by their thesis adviser at the end of the first semester. This grade will be updated to a letter grade once the Honors Study has been completed. The Dean’s List designation for the first semester will be added to the student’s academic record when the final letter grade has been reported.

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