Spotlight on 2016 Fulbright winners

Fulbright 2016

Kaitlin Cunningham '16

Fulbright Fellowship English Teaching Assistantship to Georgia

While studying abroad in Russia, Cunningham, a Slavic studies and international relations double major, had the opportunity to spend a week in Georgia. After her visit was over, she knew she’d have to find a way to go back.

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Fulbright winner 2016

Jessica Durning '16

Fulbright Fellowship English Teaching Assistantship to Thailand

An American studies and human development major from Winnetka, Illinois, Jessica Durning studied abroad in both Sydney, Australia and Amsterdam, Netherlands. She loved both locations, but realized she was “playing it safe” by traveling to countries where the majority of the population is fluent in English. After a month-long crash course in Thai language and culture, she’ll spend 11 months teaching English at a school in Thailand. She also hopes to start a singing group.

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Fulbright Winnter 2016

Kevin Ith '14

Fulbright Fellowship English Teaching Assistantship to Azerbaijan

Ith will most likely be teaching in the capital city of Baku. He hopes to explore the country’s culture through art to better understand how Azerbaijanis interpret their communities and countries around them, as well as their attitudes toward ideas of culture and identity.

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Fulbright winner 2016

Taryn Kitchen '16

Fulbright Fellowship English Teaching Assistantship to Mexico

A Latin American studies major and scholar in the College’s Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy, Taryn Kitchen is deeply interested in social justice issues related to Mexico’s unique geographic and economic relationship to the United States.

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Fulbright winner 2016

Stephanie Reeves '16

Fulbright Fellowship English Teaching Assistantship to Russia

Having already interned, worked and studied in Russia as a scholar in the College’s Toor Cummings Center for International Studies and the Liberal Arts (CISLA), Stephanie Reeves is looking forward to deepening her knowledge of Russian language, culture, food, history and literature as a 2016 Fulbright fellow.

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FUlbright winner 2016

Leela Riesz '16

Fulbright Fellowship English Teaching Assistantship to Spain

An anthropology major and Hispanic studies minor from Northampton, Massachusetts, Leela Riesz studied abroad in Spain, completed an internship there with an NGO that addresses issues faced by both immigrant and Gitano communities, and conducted research on the experience of Muslim immigrants to the country. Riesz, an avid singer and member of the College’s all-female a cappella group MissConduct and the community action and arts initiative Souled Out, hopes to offer singing and acting workshops for the high school students at her school in Spain. She will also play a leading role in preparing students for the Global Classrooms: Model United Nations program.

2016 Fulbrights

Fellowship winners since 1998

Kaitlin Cunningham '16 / Fulbright Grant
Jessica Durning '16 / Fulbright Grant
Kevin Ith '16 / Fulbright Grant
Taryn Kitchen '16 / Fulbright Grant
Stephanie Reeves '16 / Fulbright Grant
Leela Riesz '16 / Fulbright GrantNicolae Florin Dorlea '17 / Fulbright-Hays Group Project Abroad, China
Leah Fleming '16 / Goldwater Scholarship
Ellie Nan Storck '15 / Davis Projects for Peace
Marina Sachs '15 / Davis Projects for Peace
Rick Hogoboom '15 / Fulbright Grant
Leland Sidle '15 / Fulbright Grant
Azul Tellez '15 / Davis Project for Peace
Emily MacGibeny '16 / Davis Project for PeaceJyoti Arvey '14 / Fulbright GrantEllen Heartlein '14 / Fulbright Grant
Maggie Nelsen '14 / Fulbright Grant
Anthony Sis '14 / Fulbright Grant
Blair Southworth '14 / Fulbright Grant
Liam Lawson '14 / Davis Projects for Peace 
David Rojas '14 / Davis Projects for Peace
Andrew Greaves '13 / Fulbright Grant
Rebecca Tisherman '13 / Fulbright Grant
Candace Taylor '13 / Fulbright Grant
Pablo Tutillo '13 / Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellowship
Andrew Gatti '10 / Fulbright Grant
Monica Raymunt '09 / Fulbright Grant
Evan Piekara '07 / Fulbright Grant
Yumi Kovic '14 / Goldwater Scholarship
Gabby Arenge '14 / Davis Projects for Peace
Savitri Arvey '12 / Fulbright Grant
Rebecca Cheney '12 / Fulbright Grant
Catharina Damrell '11 / Fulbright Grant
Myles Green '09 / Fulbright Grant
Justin Koufopoulos '10 / Fulbright Grant
Elizabeth Maret '12 / Fulbright Grant
Lindsay Paiva '12 / Fulbright Grant
Katherine Sartiano '12 / Fulbright Grant
Karam Sethi '12 / Fulbright Grant
Phoebe Bakanas '10 / Fulbright Grant
Larson Hogstrom '09 / Fulbright Grant
Kristen Tamburro '11 / Fulbright Grant
Michael Scharf '11/ Fulbright Grant
Matea Ilic '11 / Fulbright Grant
Meredith Byrne '13 / Davis Projects for Peace
Brigid O'Gorman '11 / Davis Projects for Peace (See the video)
Lynne Stillings '09 / U.S. Fulbright-mtvU Award
Ivy Chippendale '09 / Fulbright Grant
Jacob Daniels '08 / Fulbright Grant
Johanna Gregory '10 / Fulbright Grant
Christopher Krupenye '11 / Goldwater Scholarship
Kelsey Taylor '11 / Goldwater Scholarship
Susan Taylor '10 / Davis Projects for Peace
Phuong Le '11 / Davis Projects for Peace
Jessamyn Cox '09 / Fulbright Grant
Julia Norton '09 / Fulbright Grant
Lucy McAllister '09 / Fulbright Grant
Nancy Wallace '09 / Harris Fellowship
Laura Frawley '10 / Goldwater Scholarship
Katherine Buesing '08 / Fulbright Grant
Benjamin Duclos '08 / Fulbright Grant
Nicholas Sullivan '08 / Fulbright Grant
Soren Gabrielsen '07 / Fulbright Grant
Zachary West '05 / Fulbright Grant
Joshua Duclos '07 / Fulbright Grant
Noah Fralich '07 / Fulbright Grant
Rose Golder-Novick '07 / Fulbright Grant
Stephanie Gollobin '07 / Fulbright Grant
Megan McCarthy '07 / Fulbright Grant
Holly Dranginis '06 / Fulbright Grant
Joel Backaler '06 / Fulbright Grant
Sujata Tuladhar '05 / Thomas J. Watson Fellowship
Benjamin Strom Knight '04 / Fulbright Grant
Erika Lee Senneseth '04 / Fulbright Grant
Alexandra Fiorillo '03 / Fulbright Grant
Greg Smith '03 / Fulbright Grant
Lindsay Berg '03 / Thomas J. Watson Fellowship
Sara Wilkinson '03 / Goldwater Scholarship
Dan Murphy '02 / Thomas J. Watson Fellowship
Michael W. Pawlik '02 / Fulbright Grant
Laura Israelian '00 / Luce Scholar in Asia 2001-02
Kyoko Ikeda '00 / Thomas J. Watson Fellowship
Cynthia Erickson '01 / Truman Fellowship
Shari Darman '99 / Fulbright Teaching Assistant
Aracelis Girmay '99 / Thomas J. Watson Fellowship
Andris Zobs '99 / Thomas J. Watson Fellowship
Daniel Kline '99 / Fulbright Scholarship
Cynthia Gordon '99 / Fulbright Teaching Assistant
Margot Murphy '99 / Fulbright Teaching Assistant
Hagen Maroney '98 / Thomas J. Watson Fellowship
Eden Savino '98 / Thomas J. Watson Fellowship