1. Where can I find information about study away programs?

There are more than 70 approved programs in over 35 countries listed on our website. Students are welcome to set up appointments with study away staff.

2. What is the cost to study away?

To ensure that every student has equal access to academic opportunities, students approved to study away are still considered full-time Connecticut College students and will be charged the College's comprehensive fee.

3. Does financial aid travel with me?

Yes. Students will continue to receive their financial aid while studying away. To ensure continued support, students receiving financial aid must make the necessary arrangements, including the completion of the CC Consortium/Contractual Agreement through Financial Aid Services upon acceptance into their program.

4. Are there additional costs for study away?

Yes. Students are responsible for all costs not expressly included in the fee such as airfare, commuting costs, visa fees, medical fees, and personal expenses. Qualified students may be able to apply for scholarships through their study away program and outside organizations.

5. Will credits and grades from study away transfer back?

Both credits and grades for all courses that you enroll in while on your approved Study Away/SATA program will be posted to your Connecticut College transcript. Connecticut College cannot change the grades or credits awarded by another institution. All of the grades you earn will be calculated into your cumulative grade point average. However, starting with the Class of 2025, the policy will change so that grades and credits from study away are posted on the students transcript, but they are not figured into the overall GPA.

6. Are there opportunities for summer study away?

Yes. The Office of Study Away can assist students in choosing programs. Students who wish to receive credit for their summer courses must complete paperwork through the Office of the Registrar.