Goodwin-Niering Center Biannual Conferences

The Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment sponsors highly interdisciplinary biannual conferences focused on a particular environmental issue. The most recent focused on the themes "Saving Biological Diversity," "Acid in the Environment," "Our Changing Coast," "Water Scarcity and Conflict," "Smart Growth," and "The Quest for Global Environmental Equity."

ICS Symposium held at Connecticut College

The College hosted the Seventh International Chrysophyte Symposium in 2008. Over 60 scientists from 15 countries participated in the five-day conference.

Siver Research Group Findings

Botany professor Siver's research team recently reported on finding the remains of tropical organisms in an ancient Eocene freshwater lake situated above the Arctic Circle. The findings provide compelling evidence of fundamental biogeographic shifts among freshwater algae during what is referred to as the Cenozoic hothouse. The research group also began a project with James Rohlf of SUNY-Stony Brook using geometric morphometrics as a tool to investigate evolutionary stasis among protists.