Sometimes getting to the right college requires a stop at another school first. We'll work hard to help you determine if Conn is the right fit. And we'll work even harder to make sure you quickly become a part of our close-knit community.

A few of our recent transfer students share their stories about switching to Conn:

Transfer Student at Connecticut College

Dara Pohl Feldman

Major: Theater
Transferred from: Ithaca College
Campus involvement: Wig and Candle Theater Group, Theater Student Advisory Board, Season Planning Action Committee, Jazz Ensemble, Theater Services

“I chose to come to Connecticut College because I was seeking a broader education. I wanted to be in an environment where people were just as passionate about expanding their horizons as I was. I met Professor David Jaffe the summer before I transferred, and he showed me that Conn could be my artistic home. I was able to hone my craft and continue to learn and grow!

I’m happy with my transfer experience because I achieved my initial goals: I took classes that I could not have taken at my other institution, and I met people who wanted to expand their knowledge base as much as I did. I pushed myself and took on leadership positions, and I felt fully welcomed into the community. I learned that if I was ready to work hard, and fight for the things I wanted to do, the sky was the limit. (Developing and producing) a show was one of the most fulfilling artistic experiences of my life, and I only could have done something like that at Conn!”


Jack Ficke

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience
Transferred from: Elon University
Campus involvement: Men's Squash, Pre-Health Club, Pre-Med Paramedic Internship Program, EMS Club

“I chose to come to Conn because I was looking for a smaller liberal arts school with better opportunities for pre-med students. Being a smaller school, I developed close working relationships with many of my professors in a short period of time. I also had the opportunity to join the men's squash team, which allowed me to play the sport I love at a competitive level and make friends as well.

I am happy with my decision to transfer because it allowed me to focus on my studies at a greater level so I could pursue my passion for medicine. The Paramedic Internship Program let me shadow paramedics, ER doctors and surgeons, providing an experience invaluable for a pre-med student. And playing on a sports team at a collegiate level taught me greater time management. My experience at Conn has been great, with passionate professors and great opportunities to jump-start my career after college.”


Justin Mendillo

Majors: Government and American Studies with a Concentration in Race and Ethnicity
Minor: Sociology
Transferred from: Saint Bonaventure University
Campus involvement: LGBTQIA Center, GLAAD, Planned Parenthood, CT Equality Statewide

“You never think when going into college you’ll transfer, but within a week of coming to Conn I realized that this school held more opportunity than any other school I had been to. It’s not just the curriculum, the extracurriculars or the deeply invested professors, but the student culture and choice that has made my experience at Conn so enlightening. I have seen my classmates publish articles, win awards, coordinate rallies and much more. We have pushed one another—and had the faculty support to—define our own education.

If I could give prospective transfer students any advice, it would be to remember that you have discovered through the transfer process what you want out of college. Attend a school that allows you to shape your own truth. Here at Connecticut College, I was able to shape mine and I hope you can too.”