Mission Statement of the Alumni Association

Revised September 2004

The mission of the Connecticut College Alumni Association is to lead alumni in fostering strong connections with each other and Connecticut College as the College assumes its place at the forefront of liberal arts education.

To carry out this mission, the Association's Board of Directors guides the efforts of alumni volunteers nationally, working with all members of the College community to support and enhance activities for alumni on and off campus. The goals of the Association are to:

  • Recognize that alumni offer a great diversity of talents, skills and abilities, which should be acknowledged and engaged to benefit the College, the Association and one another.
  • Provide programs and opportunities that connect alumni to each other and to the College.
  • Promote awareness of alumni achievements and accomplishments among all alumni, students, faculty and staff.
  • Provide educational experiences that increase alumni knowledge not only of the College but also of our increasingly interdependent world.
  • Encourage alumni support of the College through both their volunteer and financial efforts.
  • Endeavor to support the efforts of the College to be a diverse community.
  • Seek to support the student experience on campus and to create an understanding of the Association among undergraduates.
  • Work cooperatively with the College in fulfilling its mission to all constituents.