Connecticut College by the sea
Your men and women together praise thee
Arboretum, Fanning, and Harkness
There we grew, there we knew
Work, sharing, and joy.

Alma Mater by the sea
Our hearts in love are lifted to thee
We'll carry your standard forever
Loyalty to CC Faith, Friendship, and Love.

Hail to our college, white and blue
Keep through the years our love deep and true
Our Alma Mater we love thee
Ivied walls, CC calls to Loyalty true.

Connecticut College liberal arts
You shaped our knowledge, our wisdom, our hearts
Our honor code we will carry
To the world where we'll build
Trust, justice, and peace.

Olive Littlehales '21
Edith C. Smith '20
New Lyrics by
Dr. Claire L. Gaudiani '66
Jeff Barnhart '89, MAT '92