Executive Board

Ben Parent, chair

Andrea Simmons, chair-elect (Advancement)

Nick Shaffer, vice chair (Finance & Administration)

Amy Martin, secretary (Communications)



Paula Orbe, Academic Department Assistants

Karen Hoddinott, Admission/Financial Aid

Mary Savage, Campus Safety

CC Curtiss, Dean of Students 

Ann Schenk, Dean of the College

Erica Smith, Dean of the Faculty/President's Office 

Rodney Dumond, Dean of the Faculty/President's Office

Chris Manfredi, Dining Services

Kyle Berg, Finance & Administration 

Margaret Bounds, Finance & Administration 

Jeff Gada, Information Services/ Library

Laurie Schaeffer, Information Services/ Library

Erin Duran, Institutional Equity and Inclusion

Tom Nazarko, Facilities Management

Mariateresa Pezzello, Facilities Management

Deb Dupuis, PPBC Hourly 

Cheryl Banker, PPBC Salaried



Kelly Slack, Human Resources

TBD, Retirees