Persephone Hall headshot

Persephone L. Hall (she/her)

Hale Family Executive Director

Leading the dedicated, dynamic team of career development professionals at Conn doesn’t feel like work at all. Every day is a new adventure! Each team member is committed to working diligently to ensure all Conn students are ready to use their liberal arts education to change the world. I am grateful to work with a team that respects diversity and inclusion and is open to enhancing our work as necessary. Conn students are engaged and committed to making the most of their liberal arts education. I bring career development and human resources expertise to my role as Executive Director of the Hale Center for Career Development. This lens helps me appreciate the “ground level” opportunities to support student and alumni success with an eye toward professional growth and development. Connecticut College recognizes the value of creating a rich landscape for career education from the moment a student arrives on campus, which allows us to have a lasting impact on students’ lives.


Advising Team

Deb Brunetti


As an advisor, coach and advocate, I support students at Connecticut College as they move through their college years toward realization of their career aspirations. I believe that students’ journeys are made up of many opportunities, each helping to shape their post-college plans and inform their career destinations. I love helping students make connections between things they’re doing (both in class and out) and learn to tell the story of the value of these things in ways that make sense to employers and those in the space beyond college. My main goal is to help students understand that there likely won’t be a single, prescribed landing point, but a series of destinations that will act as launching points towards the discovery of things that have meaning to them. I also act as advisor to students interested in exploring the field of law and the law school application process.

headshot photo of Dorothy Wang

Dot Wang (she/her)


There is nothing better than helping students explore, dream about, and pursue what they want to do. As a career advisor, I support liberal arts students to develop interests and resilience, with attention to resources, to make connections and prepare them for what comes next. From career exploration to professional skills, to narrative storytelling, to targeted networking, I keep it fun and accessible for all diverse identities, celebrating students as individuals. As the leader of our Career Fellow Program, I supervise a team of junior and senior Career Fellows who are trained peer advisors. Teaching our Career Preparation course, I cultivate ownership to build self-management of career, for now, and into the future. No two paths are the same and I am wowed daily by students and their stories. Valuing growth mindset and grit, I am proud to collaborate within a team of career professionals who are dedicated to supporting Connecticut College students.

stanley willard jr

Stanley Willard, Jr.

Career Advisor | Pre-Business Advisor

Drawing from my rich and diverse background in the liberal arts and higher education, I am passionate about not just meeting students at their current point but igniting their potential and guiding them toward realizing their dreams. Having personally experienced the transformative power of stellar career guidance, I wholeheartedly comprehend the profound influence it can wield, whether for those who are already on a well-defined career path or for those seeking a more enlightened direction. My dedication to helping students achieve their aspirations is not just a professional responsibility; it's a deeply ingrained passion that drives me to make a lasting impact in their lives. Along with my responsibilities in the Hale Center for Career Development, I proudly serve as the staff advisor for the Men of Color Alliance (MOCA), where I aim to foster an inclusive and empowering environment for personal and professional growth. Additionally, I co-advise the Peggotty Investment Club and the Women in Finance group as they aim to inspire and empower future leaders in the financial industry.

Sara Abbazia Headshot

Sara Abbazia

Career Advisor | Pre-Health | STEM

When I graduated from Conn in the spring of 2020, I had no idea what the future had in store. Luckily, my experience as a Lead Career Fellow in the Hale Center prepared me well for a professional role in career services. Before returning to Conn, I worked at Haverford College in the Center for Career and Professional Advising, where I conducted advising appointments, overhauled and co-taught a pass/fail 6-week career course, and coordinated alumni/employer events, among other duties. Now, I am able to give back to Conn and advise pre-health and STEM students with their career endeavors. My goal is to ensure students receive the same level of career preparation that I was fortunate enough to receive as a student.


Employer Engagement Team

Cheryl A. Banker


As a proud Connecticut College alumna, I take joy in supporting students through their individual career journeys. I’ve had wide-ranging roles throughout my years, from Career Advisor, Pre-Law and Pre-Business/Finance Advisor, to my current role as Director of Employer Engagement. I also collaborate with the Academic Resource Center to facilitate Career Informed Learning and Fast Forward, each of which engages alumni, parents, and friends of the College. My strengths include, program development and management, mentoring, coaching, research, and problem-solving. I have also had success in maintaining relationships with alumni, many of whom give back through participation in programs and events. My desire to support others is also evident through my leadership and service to the College through various roles on campus-wide committees, most recently serving as Chair of the FlexWork@Conn Committee. Connecticut College has provided me with many opportunities and I am committed to paying it forward.

Kevin Finefrock headshot

Kevin Finefrock ’07, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Employer Engagement and Operations

As a student at Connecticut College, I engaged with the Hale Center from my very first semester and benefited immensely from the guidance of its professional staff and from the opportunities opened by its career program and funding. I am incredibly lucky now to oversee the Career Action Program and the College’s internship for credit program, which continue to support students in reaching their career goals regardless of interest or background. Ask anyone here at the Hale Center and they’ll tell you that I love data and digging into historical records, skills that I honed while completing my doctoral dissertation on slavery and freedom in early Connecticut. I feel lucky that I get to bring those passions for analysis and equity to my work each day, building new career and professional development opportunities for our students with colleagues across campus, in New London, and in the alumni and parent community.


Student Employment

RayChelle Burns Headshot

RayChelle Burns

Student Employment Coordinator

My journey at Connecticut College began with the Registrar’s office. While completing my Business Administration Degree with a minor in Human Resource Management, I turned my career focus to Human Resources and briefly left Conn to pursue another opportunity. I was absolutely thrilled to return to campus in the capacity of the Human Resource Coordinator and put my knowledge to work. After a satisfying run with our Human Resources team, the opportunity for growth knocked once again. I became the Student Employment Coordinator with the Hale Center for Career Development. Ultimately, Connecticut College has undoubtedly become my home for professional growth and aspirations. I get tremendous joy from assisting our students with their onboarding process for their new positions, and training supervisors to help meet their on-campus employment needs. I work alongside financial aid and payroll to ensure students get paid properly, and tracking Federal Work Study allocations. I had an absolute blast hosting the first Supervisor Appreciation Ice Cream Social, and look forward to recognizing both supervisors and students, ongoing. I consider myself fortunate to serve our campus community. I love what I do and as often as possible, will continue to serve with a SMILE!


Lori Balantic


As an educator, advisor, coach, and connector with a depth of experience in higher education, I am committed to empowering individuals in their career exploration and professional development. In college, I studied broadly and gained insight into the beauty and demands of the arts and sciences. For me, being a champion of the liberal arts first means helping students understand and gain confidence in how to translate their experience from any classroom or campus engagement to the world beyond. Staying open to happenstance and understanding how our mindset affects our career process is critical for our personal journey. I love to listen, value questions, and am grateful for the gift to learn every day in concert with our community.