Connecticut College encourages students to begin thinking about post-college life from their very first days on campus. That's why we stress the importance of connecting with the vast network of fellow students and alumni who can play an important role in your professional success.

We make connecting easy by hosting on- and off-campus programs with successful alumni in many fields. For example:

Sundays With Alumni Panels, which bring alumni from a particular field to campus for insightful discussions about their careers. Upcoming discussions will focus on careers in intelligence, counterterrorism and national security; sports and business management; and event planning.

Bon Appétit Dinners, at which an alumnus shares an intimate dinner and thoughtful career advice with current students.

Seminar on Success, a series of career workshops, networking opportunities and mock interviews for juniors and seniors. The seminar features young alumni from a variety of industries who have successfully made the same transition you are about to experience.

Job Shadow, through which alumni from various backgrounds and industries host a junior or senior for a "day in the life," firsthand experience.

In addition to the above programs, current students can start connecting via:

  • The Alumni Directory: A great place to start your exploration of the Connecticut College alumni network. Search by industry, class year and more.
  • LinkedIn: The College's LinkedIn networking group features an ongoing discussion about career development and networking opportunities. Also check out the College's LinkedIn page to connect with other students and alumni who share career interests.
  • Facebook: Not just for friends — you'll want to explore the College's Facebook page and class-specific Facebook groups.