1) Connect to eduroam from your list of available wireless networks on your device, and fill in the information as shown below


NOTE: Please ensure that you are using “@conncoll.edu” at the end of  your Camel username when logging on.

If your phone requires a Domain you will need to use the Eduroam Cat tool:

Cat Tool for Android phones to connect to eduroam:

  1. Disconnect from and “forget” the eduroam wifi network on the phone
  2. Using mobile data connection, download the “eduroam CAT” app from the Playstore and install Eduroam Cat Tool Download
  3. Open the app and tap the switch at the botttom of the screem to enable Manual Search Profile
  4. In the search window type connecticut college and select the profile that appears.
  5. The CAT app should prompt for username and password (use full username with @conncoll.edu
  6. If credentials are correct, it should automatically connect to eduroam