OSHA requires that Safety Data Sheets (SDS) be readily available to employees in the workplace.

  1. Safety Data Sheets for chemicals used in the sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Botany and Neuroscience), can be found in the "CEMS" chemical inventory database at: http://cems.conncoll.edu/. Access to the actual chemical inventory requires registration and login.
  2. Safety Data Sheets for all other departments at Connecticut College are found in the MSDSOnline SDS Management System. SDS can be searched by location, or by                       MSDSOnlineĀ© Safety Data Sheet Database

  3. Safety Data Sheets for materials brought onto campus by contractors are also listed in the MSDSOnline database.
  4. If the SDS is not listed in the database, email the following information to the Office of Environmental Health & Safety:
  • Product name, as printed on the label
  • Manufacturer
  • Catalog or product number

  A copy of the SDS will be obtained and uploaded to the appropriate MSDSOnline "Location" (Departmental folder).