This year our annual campaign will be exploring the growing issue of plastic waste, ways we can all reduce our own use of single-use plastics, and concerns about plastics recycling and evidence that the plastics industry has been deliberately hiding the scale of the problem from consumers. Through the campaign we will work to educate our community about these issues and highlight our own efforts to reduce plastic waste on campus, including the implementation of our new ban on single-use plastic water bottles and plastic straws.

Upcoming Events

Campus Sustainability Week

October 4-8

Join us for a series of events exploring the theme of Pass on Plastic. More details coming soon!

The Story of Plastic Film Screening and Director Q&A 

November 15, 2021

7pm: Film screening

8:15pm: Virtual Q&A with Deia Schlosberg

Learn More

The Plastic Problem Isn't Your Fault, But You Can Be Part of the Solution by Rebecca Davis and Audrey Nguyen

The Recycling Myth: Big Oil's Solution for Plastic Waste Littered with Failure by Joe Brock, Valerie Volcovici and John Geddie

Here Is Who's Behind the Global Surge in Single-Use Plastic by Michael Corkery and Somini Sengupta

How We Got Conned Into Drinking Bottled Water - And How We Can Stop by Stephen Robert Miller 

The Story of Stuff Project: Fight Plastic Pollution