What does it mean to be an approved driver for the college?


An approved driver is someone who has been approved to drive college vehicles. They have completed an application, Online driver training and had their Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) checked for deficiencies. 
Below are the steps you need to complete to become a Connecticut College approved driver:  
Fill out an application and drop it off at Cro #219 or email it to the Transportation Services Department. 
Once your completed application is received, you will be emailed step two of the process which includes online driver training. 
After you complete the online driver training and sign the vehicle use policy  your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) will be checked through Justifacts. 
You are not authorized to drive until you receive notification from Transportation that your MVR check came back clear and you have been added to the approved driver list. If you have any questions please contact the transportation department.

I’m a faculty member who takes several field trips a semester, how does this policy apply to me?

Answer: You only need to complete the registration form once documenting each separate trip and attaching the roster. 

How does this apply for simple invitations from Faculty/Staff to students to meet them at a game/museum/theater??

Answer: If students are travelling on their own and paying their own way, no registration is required. 

What happens if a student has a medical issue while on a registered trip, and the faculty/staff member isn’t informed - such as an allergic reaction?

Answer: Faculty and staff are expected to take necessary measures to get the student aid including calling 911.

If I am an approved driver in my personal vehicle on college business and I am in an accident, does the college pay for my damage?

Answer: No. Your personal insurance would pay for damages.

If I am an approved driver in a college-owned/leased vehicle on college business and I am in an accident, does the college pay for damages?

Answer: Yes. The college’s policy covers these damages.

If I have an event at my house and someone slips and falls, who is liable to pay for damages?

Answer: Your homeowners insurance will be used to cover any damages.