All members of the Connecticut College community are required to register off-campus engagements.


Listed below are the 4 steps to complete any Off-Campus Engagement (OCE). Details regarding this process are included throughout this website.

OCE Quick Checklist

  1. Plan and Register the OCE 
    1. Determine location, dates, time, accommodations and transportation
    2. Complete and submit OCE Registration including Off-Campus Travel Roster. Registration is only needed once for an OCE to the same location or an OCE to different locations for the same course or program. 
    3. Collect signed Waivers and Medical Disclosure Form (only once for the same course or program)
  2. Develop an Emergency Response Plan using the emergency response guidelines detailed in the OCE policy
    1. Domestic Emergency Response Plan
    2. International Emergency Response Plan
  3. Organize pre-departure preparation which in the case of field trips can take place in class
    1. Domestic
    2. International
  4. Complete protocols upon return

Faculty and Staff traveling off campus must register and follow protocols for all off-campus travel for safety and practical reasons. The following includes a list of types of travel that must be registered.

Descriptions and Trip Types

Domestic Travel for Day Trips

  • One-off field trips associated with a class/Center/Pathway/FYS
  • Re-occurring field trips associated with a class/Center/Pathway/Community Partnerships
  • Stand alone day trip (e.g., Habitat for Humanity, Office of Religious and Spiritual Programs)
  • Student engagement/leadership (e.g., to attend a conference or workshop)
  • Research
  • Conferences
  • Athletics
  • Social (e.g., lunch at Mr. G’s, trip to the private home of a faculty member)

Domestic Travel for Overnight Trips

  • Field trip as part of a class
  • Stand alone trip (e.g., Habitat for Humanity, Office of Religious and Spiritual Programs)
  • Conferences
  • Athletics
  • Student engagement/leadership (e.g., to attend a conference or workshop)

International Travel

  • SATA and Travel Research Immersion Programs (TRIPs)
  • International internships through Centers and Career
  • Site visits to other programs/institutions
  • Research
  • Conference
  • College affiliated trips (e.g. spring break to Turks and Caicos)