Information Regarding Break Housing

Break Housing: is available only to Connecticut College students.  Students may be approved to stay for break housing if they need to stay on campus in any of the following capacities: Athletics, Student Office Workers (for a Connecticut College office), working on an approved academic internship, taking Connecticut College or Coast Guard Academy Courses or if their permanent address hinders them from break travel.  Please read the following information carefully. The information below addresses both Winter and Spring Breaks, but please be aware each break requires a separate form. By submitting this form you are agreeing to the terms below:



  • Please refer to posted fliers regarding when meals will be served for the duration of break. 
  • All students will be enrolled in a full meal plan at no cost. 


Availability of Break Housing Spaces:

  • If you do not live in the Plex (Hamilton, Lambdin, Morrisson, Johnson, Park or Wright) or Academic Year Round Housing (Abbey, Lazrus, Earth, 360 Mohegan, River Ridge and Winchester apartments), you must make arrangements to borrow a room in one of these houses and obtain the key from the person whose room you are borrowing prior to leaving campus for break.  If you do not obtain the key from the person whose room you are borrowing, you will not have access to the room. Campus Safety/Residential Education and Living will NOT be able to open the room for you or issue you a key to the room.
  • If you do live in the Plex or Academic Year Round Housing you may apply to stay in your own room. 


Application and Approval Process:

  • All students requesting break housing must fill out the Housing form, including students living in academic year round housing. 
  • Students who apply for break housing who are also on disciplinary probation level 2 will only be approved for break housing after consideration by the Office of Residential Education and Living and the Office of Student Life. 
  • An adviser/department head or supervisor must support ALL requests, BEFORE the end of classes in order to insure all applications are complete prior to the break housing period.



  • Please note that during break housing, access to spaces, offices and service are often limited.  Student Health Services, the Student Counseling Services and many other offices are closed for the duration of break.  Additionally, spaces such as Coffee Grounds, the Womxn’s Center, and many others may not open, or may have limited hours, during breaks.  Please plan your supports accordingly and in advance. 
  • Students MAY NOT ENTER OR ACCESS OTHER HOUSES that are closed during the break. 
  • Any student not approved for Break housing, who returns to campus prior to the official opening after Winter Break and Spring Break ay be asked to leave and may be subject to a fine and/or adjudication.
  • In order to participate in Spring Break Housing, students MUST be full time residential students in the Spring term. 
  • If you are not a full time residential student in the Fall or Spring, you must stay in a BORROWED room for Winter break. 
  • You may NOT borrow a room from someone who is not going to be a full time residential student in the Spring semester.