The Feminist Resource, Education, & Empowerment (F.R.E.E) Center is dedicated to advancing gender equity by engaging the community through resources, education, and empowerment. By centering intersectional feminist praxis, we work to dismantle systemic injustices and foster an environment where historically marginalized identities are discussed critically and celebrated openly.

We manifest our mission through:

    • Our commitment to creating space for dialogue through engaging programs, direct peer-to-peer educational opportunities, mentorship, as well as training for students, faculty, and staff.
    • Actively seeking out opportunities to take action to foster transformation, advocating to affect positive change both within and beyond our campus community for those from historically marginalized gender identities.
    • By centering healing, we create spaces for every gender identity to find gender euphoria, find a healthy conception of their gender identity, and develop personal empowerment, acceptance, and well-being.
    • Collaboration with student organizations, faculty departments, staff offices, and various individuals in the community to build solidarity within Connecticut College and the local New London community.

Signature Programs

Feminist Peer Educational Network (Launch Fall 2024):

The Feminist Peer Education Network at Connecticut College is an initiative dedicated to building a campus-wide culture of dialogue, understanding, and empowerment. With a keen focus on intersectional feminist praxis, this program is committed to raising awareness and addressing the emergent needs of our diverse community. Through a multifaceted approach encompassing educational workshops, classroom lessons, and engaging group dialogues, the FPEN strives to illuminate the intersections of gender, identity, advocacy, and justice work.

Following an intensive training program each Fall, our peer educators are equipped with an understanding of key issues and a passion for advocacy; both necessary qualities to navigate the complexities of identity and personal lived experiences. Our core belief is that through education and peer-to-peer dialogue, we can collectively work towards transforming our communities' understanding of gender, identity, justice, and a multitude of other subjects.

The Women’s Healing Circle

An integral program housed in the F.R.E.E Center, the space serves as a nurturing environment to foster healing through intergenerational discussions among self-identifying women+. This initiative is designed to be a place where participants can engage in meaningful conversations about lived experience and identity. By providing a platform for shared experience, wisdom, and grace, the Circle transcends generational boundaries to cultivate a sense of solidarity and empowerment.

International Women’s Day Panel

GSP hosts a forum celebrating the achievements, challenges, and experiences of women globally. This event serves as a platform for engaging conversations, insightful discussions, and shared narratives that contribute to a deeper understanding of the issues facing women around the world. Featuring a panel of student, staff, faculty, and New London community members, our speakers represent diverse backgrounds, professions, and perspectives. The event invites the campus community to explore themes related to gender equality, empowerment, and social justice.

Gender Euphoria: A Workshop Series

Description: The Gender Euphoria Workshop Series is a program crafted to empower individuals from all gender identities to experience gender-euphoria. The term “gender-euphoria” was created by and for trans people in the 1970s and today we use it to refer to the personal fulfillment and empowerment that is experienced when someone feels like their gender expression matches their gender identity. Our workshops are designed specifically to support this exploration and joy through activities, how-tos, discussions, and resources. Workshops may include - gender as performance, make-up masterclass, transJOY discussion, expressive arts workshop, the intersections of identity x gender, relationship to the body, gender euphoria & sex, and many more!


We are located on the first floor of Smith House.

For more information about our events and services or to get on our mailing list please email gsp@conncoll.edu or follow us on Instagram (@conncoll_gsp).