Science Leader Parinda Darden '13
Science Leader Parinda Darden '13

High School: Nantucket High School, Nantucket, Mass.
Major: Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology/Premed; CISLA (Toor Cummings Center for International Studies and the Liberal Arts) Scholar

Summer 2011 - Volunteer, conducted coral reef surveys with OpWall in Utila, Honduras.
Summer - Fall 2011 - Volunteer, Raphael Centre for people living with HIV/AIDS; and Settlers Day Hospital, Grahamstown, South Africa.
Summer 2012 - University of Botswana’s Center for HIV and AIDS Research; and University of Botswana’s Biology Department, Gaborone, Botswana.

Academic Year Research (2012-2013)
“The effectiveness of HIV/AIDS treatments on Batswana youth: Traditional Vs. Conventional” for CISLA’s senior integrated project in conjunction with an independent study with the biology department. Testing plants and fungi from the local areas for the inhibition of Alpha-glucosidase, one of the enzymes that is important for HIV replication.

“Antibacterial Properties of Hamamelis Virginiana L.”

Other Accomplishments/ Activities
Summer 2010- Inducted in the Nantucket Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum for selfless act on 9/11/2010 with the Nantucket Surf Lifeguard team for the most rescues in a season in the history of Nantucket.

Winter 2010- Khartoum, Sudan with Dr. Robert Arnot. Filmed a documentary for Kenana farm’s proposal to get farming equipment company, John Deere, to do business with them. Met with foreign minister and other officials pressing for a clean referendum for separation with the south (now known as South Sudan).

Connecticut College Diversity Committee (spring 2011), promoting awareness of different diversity groups on campus.

Connecticut College Women’s Rugby Team

Event coordinator (Fall 2010) and diversity chair (Spring 2011) for Connecticut College Spectrum, promoting awareness and issues of LGBTQ community to the college community.

President/Founder (2012-2013) of Connecticut College Skate Crew, bringing the community of skateboarders (street and longboard) together and advocating the sport to the campus community.

Study Away
Fall 2011 Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.

Future Goal
After graduation, she hopes to take a gap year to work and lifeguard on Nantucket for the summer, maybe doing a bit of traveling before pursuing a medical career as a doctor of osteopathic.